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The TYT Army aims for a decentralized force of Americans to hold our media accountable for their reporting. Six companies control 90% of the U.S. With advances in technology, psychology, and marketing, media has increasingly learned how to use their power of the press to quickly and effectively disseminate their bias to the masses. Studies continually show that the vast majority of people support policies that put people over profit, from healthcare to the economy to money’s influence in our elections, and they are fed up with being manipulated, divided, and effectively stolen from. We need 10,000 volunteers who will build our infrastructure comprised of researchers, writers, editors, graphic designers, engineers, data analysts, organizers... the possibilities are endless. Then, we intend to use this army to abolish propaganda and return our government and media to we the people, establishing true democracy, free and fair elections, and ensuring people over profit and policy over politics.

Phase 1: Build the army, debunk propaganda

Phase 2: Expand the army, neutralize the enemy

Phase 3: Multiply the army, grow responsible/unbiased media

Join the TYT Army today.

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