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If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can link your account to Twitch and receive a free subscription through Prime to TYT every month.

That's right, you can subscribe to TYT and make Jeff Bezos pay for it. What a deal! We heartily encourage you to direct those Bezos Bucks to your favorite alternative media outlet.

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Featuring favorite TYT shows like The Young Turks and The Damage Report plus a line-up of Twitch exclusive content. 

We’re so glad you found us. To optimize your experience, here are some basic instructions for becoming a Twitch Prime subscriber:

So what comes with your Twitch Prime subscription?

Pretty much everything: Live ad-free viewing and access to The Young Turks and The Damage Report videos on demand on Twitch, the members-only Post Game as well as all our Twitch exclusive shows including Happy Half Hour, Deep Dive with Jordan Uhl, Dr. Rashad Richey: Indisputable, Common Room, The Sunday Stream, Big Rick Energy, and more!

All this AND you get all the good feelings that come with knowing that your financial support helps keep TYT independent. What’s not to like?

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