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TYT is the world's most unapologetically progressive news outlet. We represent the interests of the people. Mainstream media and politicians represent the interests of big advertisers and donors.

Mainstream media promote misinformation about solutions like Medicare for All because big pharma is one of their most important advertising groups. This is true across most industries that are big spenders where misinformation is being propagated around food, electric vehicles, war... you get the point.

TYT is largely member-supported and only works with advertisers who align with our unapologetic progressive values.

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Progressives stand for what is at the core of this country - equal rights and a fair chance for every citizen. What does the American dream mean if your kids don't get a shot at success?

Cenk Uygur


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For every progressive-minded person who votes, the progressive voice gets louder. Right now the largest voter turn-out is older, white people*. On November 3rd, if younger people, people of color, and progressives turn out in larger numbers, we can increase our influence on the issues that matter to most, not just the wealthy few.

To create change, we must be the change. In politics, it starts with voting.

* Source: US Census Bureau

By reporting the truth to get money out of politics and calling out mainstream media, we empower people to demand positive change for all, not just the wealthy few.

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