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© 2020 TYT Network & The Young Turks, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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We’re adapting with you and making the necessary changes we can to be part of the solution while continuing to deliver new content to our audience. During these trying times, it’s particularly important for progressives to stay connected and amplify our voice. We want to keep you updated with how we’re taking care of our employees, programming, members, and audience so that we can continue to deliver the facts you need to stay informed and be empowered.

How we're taking care of our employees during COVID-19

We are taking directives about social distancing very seriously. We initially set up the majority of our staff to work from home and then quickly worked to transition our operations so that all our hosts, producers and crew can work from home.

Despite the circumstances we are all facing, we understand the need to continue to speak truth to power and deliver the news to our viewers. When The Young Turks started it was from Cenk’s living room. It’s humbling that in our 18th year we’ll be broadcasting from our living rooms or home set-ups once again.

How we're taking care of our TYT Members during COVID-19

We're focused on making sure we can regularly deliver our live shows and recorded content while keeping our employees safe. Our members help us to make this possible. Please continue to tweet at us using the #tytlive hashtag and make sure to tag the hosts to alert them as well.


How YOU CAN HELP us to take care during COVID-19

This pandemic has highlighted what you already know - corporations will stop at nothing to prioritize their profit over the health and safety of our communities. Having an honest, objective, progressive voice of reason in a sea of insanity is as important as ever.

There are many ways that you can help.

By simply
watching us live or on-demand, you help our progressive movement. Sharing our content with your friends and family, liking or commenting on our videos and social media posts makes a big difference as well.

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How we’re taking care of our PROGRAMMING during COVID-19

We’re doing everything in our power to continue delivering our content, and offering the same caliber of programming that TYT viewers have come to expect.

We are no longer shooting from our TYT studio, so our TYT hosts will be providing coverage from their hastily constructed home studios. We’re trying out processes that are mostly untested and new to all of us. Since we’re relying on our hosts’ home internet, sometimes there are lags or hiccups during streaming. We really appreciate your patience as we get a handle on all these moving parts.

How we’re taking care of our LINEAR PLATFORMS during COVID-19

You can watch TYT on any of our linear platforms: Pluto TV, Roku, Comcast Xfinity X1 and Flex, Xumo, and YouTube TV. During quarantine, however, we’re currently unable to air it in real-time on these platforms. To adjust to this, we will be airing each day’s linear episode after the main show taping has concluded. This may change as we adjust to the new remote programming schedule. To watch these shows live, go to TYT.com, YouTube, or Twitch.

Member-only content will still be available. For the time being, content may not be published as promptly as usual, but we hope to adjust quickly to new protocols and get that content posted as soon as we can. Thank you for your support as we figure this out together.

Running a media company obviously costs money, and we’d rather be beholden to our audience than corporations. Whatever you can contribute goes a long way towards ensuring that together we empower progressive news and hold the establishment and mainstream media accountable.

This is uncharted waters and we can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate your support as we weather this storm together. Whether you watch us daily, frequently, share our videos with others, donate, or are a member - we appreciate our TYT Community! You are TYT. 

The main show is temporarily one hour instead of two at 6pm ET / 3pm PT, but our hosts are doing live videos on breaking news that they aren’t covering during the main show.

Our shows continue to be available live at 
TYT.comYouTube, FacebookTwitter, and Twitch. You can also still find us on Pluto TV, Roku, Comcast Xfinity X1 and Flex, Xumo, and YouTube TV.

You can read our written articles from TYT Investigates at 

All of our programs are being affected one way or another. You can find our daily schedule at